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Lee Moor diary - January 2010

One North East biomass event at Lee Moor

Lee Moor was at the centre of the lens for the TV cameras of Bdaily in January as they filmed an event put on at Lee Moor by the Regional Development Agency ONEnortheast.

The biomass event saw a wide range of interested parties meet at Lee Moor at the end of the snowy fortnight that we had. Experts explained about grant funding that was available on biomass boilers and there was the chance to see the boiler. There was also a certain irony during the event as the oil for the back up boilers was eventually delivered some 10 days after ordering... late due to the snow.

White out the blue...

I have often complained about the lack of four distinct seasons, but this year we can be sure that we have had Winter. Hard frosts and snow are still fresh in our memories and the normal routines of the business park have been disrupted on the odd day, but generally we kept the road open and the heating on. Indeed, given you could not get oil delivered it is just as well that we had plenty of woodchip available. The press used words such as 'unprecedented'... frankly, I have see recessions and hard winters before – and I'm only 44!

I will put on display in the Black Olive cafe the photos I took in the week beginning 15th February 2010.

The big picture?

This is my last year as the board member of One North East with responsibility for rural issues and as such it will be good to focus next year purely on business rather than perhaps being distracted by policy debates - though it is fair to say that, with an election due in the next few months, change is the only certainty and all tax payers' money will be spent in a more considered way. Lee Moor has for 20 years been backing conservation, diversification and renewables and as such is very well placed for any new agendas. Indeed I am sure that Lee Moor continues to lead as the civil servants within Defra and the European Commission turn to CAP reform and policy setting for the 2013-2020 period.

Seeing the wood for the trees

The oldest Quango is where I am heading next.

The Forestry Commission was set up by statute in 1919 and Commissioners are still appointed by the Queen rather than being Ministerial appointments. Anyway, none of that for me - I am simply taking an unpaid advisory role at a regional level for the next three years. Given Lee Moor was once a Forestry Authority Centre of Excellence it is good to be getting involved again. Wood is a valuable resource and the solution to more problems than we yet understand in 2010.

Bong... read this and thought of me

In the immortal memory (apologies to Robbie Burns) of Henry Brewis: a poem that made me think!


Ian Brown & Tim Pain from One North East conjure up some more help for rural businesses!

Ian Brown & Tim Pain from One North East
conjure up some more help for rural businesses!

The 'Clivor Bugger'

you see him on the telly
in the papers every week
he's on every committees
and his wellies never leak

he dresses well he's always clean
impressive on the phone
at least when you catch 'im
'cos he's seldom found at home

he can talk about gross margins
understands the EEC
all his acres are in hectares
and he's got a good degree

the green pound holds no mysteries
but can he tell you why
inspite being brilliant
he's as broke as you or I

Ian Brown



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